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Fat Freezing London

Fat freezing treatment London


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Fat Freezing

This is a procedure that can help you lose stubborn fat in a chosen area of your body that you are finding hard to shift, the fat freezing procedure works by freezing the fat cells which are crystalized then destroyed and broken down in the body being dispersed out through the body naturally via the lymphatic system, on average you will see 20% to 40% reduction in fat loss.

The Procedure

This can come under a few differnt names including the following: cryolipolysis, cool sculpting and its exactly how it sounds – fat cells are frozen for a set period of time in the aim to reduce them, this is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

It came from research that was done looking into frostbite, and they noticed that fat cells would freeze before the skin would freeze.

This is a procedure done by a experienced professional, the customer can pick a area to target, such as tummy, thighs, or arms etc, so that the patient can choose a problematic area.

In a typical treatment a patient would be lying down for a set period of time normally about 1 hour, while custion heads from the 3d lipo machine put in place on the skin and crystallise fat cells.

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What to expect during treatment

During the Fat freezing treatment you will first feel the cold membrane placed in the chosen area, and then the feeling of the vacuum from the head as it is turned on then you will possibly feel a little discomfort not everyone does, you will feel the area getting colder until it goes numb the treatment lasts about 1 hour, but this depends on the area being treated.

After the procedure

Once the treatment is complete the head will be removed from the area and the membrane, it will feel very cold and feel numb in the area as the fat cells have just been frozen, this will be massaged for a few minutes to encourage blood flow back into the area and the feeling should come back within a few minutes to 1 hour.

Fat Freezing Procedure 


After your treatment results from your treatment should be visable within 3 months, 3 months being the maximum time frame to see results it can be anything from a few weeks after treatment.


Treatment Areas

Multiplue areas can be treated at the same time
Areas that can be treated:

ChinStomach Upper / Lower – Arms / Bingo Wings

Back / Bra line

Thighs Inner / Outer

– Waist and hips / Love Handles – Bottom / Under the bottom / Banna Muffins

– Above the knee

– Male chest

Price of treatments

Treatment price can vary in London depending on the area and also vary from clinic to clinic our prices can be found here: our prices.

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Fat Freezing London

In London there are many Fat freezing clinics to choose from the choice is limitless as London is so big so how do you choose a clinic that is credible and right for you, firstly location if you are willing to travel anywhere in London then I would personally opt for clinics with experience and great Google reviews, also what type of equipment they use for example we use 3d Lipo technology which is a trusted brand, these are just a few things to look for.

Fat freezing near me

To make your life easier you can Google fat freezing near me to find your local clinics that can offer these types of services, for example we are based in central London so we would be displayed in Googles search results if someone who lives in that area Googled the wording (fat freezing near me).

Well, to summarize, I hope this article has helped you get a better understanding of this type of procedure and help you choose a London clinic.

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Fat Freezing Before and After 

 Fat freezing before and after finally you can see some results of this treament on our social media platform at the top left of the page there are also a few here, follow this link before and after images.





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3D Lipo London is delighted to announce that 3D-lipo, the revolutionary treatment that successfully targets fat by method of fat freezing – cryolipolysis and also cavitation, skin tightening by HIFU and also Radio Frequency, is now available. 3D-lipo is an amazing alternative to liposuction offering a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both the face and body. The treatment is pain free with instant results and no down time – a HUGE hit with celebrities who choose the non- surgical 3D- lipo rather than go under the knife. 

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Welcome To 3D Lipo London Where We Specialize In Fat Loss, Body Contouring In A Non-Invasive Way With Treatments Such As Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis Achieving Great Result We Have Been Around A While Now, We Also Cover Other Area’s Like Fighting Cellulite And Stretch Marks In General And Also Post Pregnancy We Offer A Range Of Different Treatments To Combat These.


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Here At 3D Lipo London We Use Ultimate 3D Lipo Technology The Next Generation Multi-Technology Platform Containing The Latest Combination Of Advanced Technologies Designed To Offer A Complete And Prescriptive Approach To Non-Surgical Face And Body Treatments

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