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Teeth Whitening
Cavitation Marylebone


Teeth Whitening 


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Hollywood Teeth Whitening

Hollywood Teeth Whitening

Hollywood teeth whitening  whitening accelerator- high intensity cold light teeth whitening machine rapidly speeds up the whitening process to give you the highest degree of whitening result. The light filtered out all harmful UV and infrared radiation providing a safe treatment without any irritation to the nerve of your teeth.

Unlike any other on the market, the system has a unique 3 light sources, blue, red and purple. 


How Long Is The Treatment ? 

Teeth Whitening treatment time is 60 minutes in total while you site back and relax 


How Often Can I Have a Treatment ?

Teeth Whitening treatments can be perfomed every  2 weeks, top up sessions are recommended every 6 to 12 months 


How Many Teeth Whitening Treatments Do I Need   

Teeth whitening can vary depending on the desired result and everyone is individual as some may smoke or drink more darker drinks than others, on average 8 shades lighter is achievable depending on how light the customer wants the teeth to be they may want to have another sessions.    


Teeth whitening near me

We are located in Marylebone central London a short walk from Marylebone and Baker Street tube stations 


Contraindication / Not suitable for people

- Very sensitive teeth
- Serious holes and cracks
- White spots
- Extremely dark stains (Grey/blue tetracyline)
- Pregnancy, breast feeding or under 18 not recommended 



How long  will the whitening results last?

This depends  entierly on each individual, normally the results can last for years and depends on whetheryou smoke and consume staining agents. Periodic touch up treatments can be taken over time to time for clients that frequently have staining foods or drink, Think of it as a white coat it can stay white forever if you take care of it.


Is it safe?

Yes 100% or your money back! Years of teeth whitening treatments over the world have proven that it is good for the gums as blue light kills the bacteria that cause gum disease. To conclude, it's actually good for your teeth and gums.


How long does the teeth whitening treatment take?

The treatment itself takes less than 1 hour under the light. Discolorations that built up over the years will completely be removed in 1 single procedure.


Are there any side effects?

Scientists have proven that there are no side effects; very rarely people may experience a slight sensitivity for a couple of hours after the treatment.


Is it safe, is there a guaranteed result?

We have safely whitened thousands of teeth, and Hollywood Whitening is probably one of the most experienced teeth whitening company. Every single person achieves a brighter result.


Is it suitable if I have crowns or veneers?

Cosmetic teeth whitening treatment cannot change the colour of new crowns, veneers or fillings. If it's an old crown or veneers, the treatment may take them back to their original colour.


Will it hurt?

No pain at all; very few may experience minor sensitivity for a few hours afterwards.


What is the difference between our product and other whitening methods?

Our whitening method will whiten your teeth straight away in less than 1 hour. We use the most advanced product and system on the market today. Hollywood Whitening results are far better than other unbranded products.


Is it suitable for everyone? 

Cosmetic teeth whitening is suitable for most. You may check with our staff or your dentist first if you have certain difficulties/health disorder.


Who is Hollywood Whitening? 

Hollywood whitening uses the most advanced machines, The system is the most widely used system in the world today. Products and equipment are manufactured to the highest standard. Hollywood Whitening specialises in this technology so we only invest in the most advance system available.


Price Of Teeth Whitening  

 The price of Hollywood teeth whiteing at our Marylebone clinic is £149






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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening one of our popular treatments


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3D Lipo Technology


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Welcome To 3D Lipo London Where We Specialize In Fat Loss, Body Contouring In A Non-Invasive Way With Treatments Such As Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis Achieving Great Result We Have Been Around A While Now, We Also Cover Other Area’s Like Fighting Cellulite And Stretch Marks In General And Also Post Pregnancy We Offer A Range Of Different Treatments To Combat These.


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