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Does fat freezing work


Fat Freezing Does It Really Work ?



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Fat freezing and does it really work ? this is a question many people ask before thinking about considering a fat freezing treatment or a course of treatments with this type of non-invasive fat reduction procedure, for areas of fat but is it all just hype or can it really produce good results in terms of fat reduction procedure and weight loss, the fact of the matter is that people who have tried out these type of treatments like fat freezing which is also known as cryolipolysis or cool sculpting have had positive results and noticed a significant reduction of fat in the area that they have had a treatment on with this nonsurgical fat reduction that target problem areas, this is positive to hear for many people who are skeptical about this type of non-invasive treatment and make them more confident to give it a try at targeting pockets of fat / bulges, although better results can be achieved from multiple sessions of fat freezing / cryolipolsis some can see results from as little as 1 treatment from this award-winning fat reduction treatment which is amazing but it does depend on many factors like age for example as our metabolism slows down with age so in theory the younger we are the better the results but it would still work either way a healthy lifestyle should be kept to after treatment.

Fat reduction treatment can also be done by a treatment plan, the process to reduce stubborn fat or unwanted fat seems quite simple where a membrane is applied to the area that is to be treated to protect the customer from frostbite then a applicator from the fat freezing machine is placed on the treatment area for example love handles and activated which creates a vacuum and cold temperatures of the plates within the head , so lets say the stomach for example is sucked up a little by the vacuum so it can touch the freezing plates in the head of the machine and held in place for around 1 hour this does not effect the surrounding tissue, once the treatment is over the head will be turned off so the vacuum will stop and release, then the treated area should be massaged for a few minutes to get the blood flow back in the area, the dead fat cells leave your body through the lyphatic system after a fat-freezing procedure, many areas of the body can be treated.

After a treatment you can get back to your daily activities as there is no downtime, unlike if you were to have a plastic surgeon perform a surgical procedure to these types of procedures it is advised that alcohol is avoided before and after treatments.

During the treatment the fat cells are frozen and killed then they break down and are dispersed through out your body’s lymphatic system naturally and then comes out of your body when you urinate.

All in all the results can take up to a maximum of 3-4 months to be at their best visibly and desired results. So does fat freezing / cryolipolysis really work the answer to that is yes many people have tried and tested the treatment and have reeped the positive results from it, this does need to be maintained by a healthy diet and exercise is recommended , this procedure is also fda approved in th States cosmetic procedures are becoming increasingly popular.

Many parts of the body can be treated with body sculpting : 

Muffin top 

Double chin 

Lower abdomen

Inner thighs / outer thighs

Upper arms etc

Possible side effects: Redness, Bruising, Blistering, Numbness, Frostbit

Also there are some circumstanses where a treatment is not allowed for exampler if a lady is breastfeeding the treatment would not be able to be performed  



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Does fat freezing work



3D Lipo London is delighted to announce that 3D-lipo, the revolutionary treatment that successfully targets fat by method of fat freezing – cryolipolysis and also cavitation, skin tightening by HIFU and also Radio Frequency, is now available. 3D-lipo is an amazing alternative to liposuction offering a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both the face and body. The treatment is pain free with instant results and no down time – a HUGE hit with celebrities who choose the non- surgical 3D- lipo rather than go under the knife. 

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Welcome To 3D Lipo London Where We Specialize In Fat Loss, Body Contouring In A Non-Invasive Way With Treatments Such As Fat Freezing – Cryolipolysis Achieving Great Result We Have Been Around A While Now, We Also Cover Other Area’s Like Fighting Cellulite And Stretch Marks In General And Also Post Pregnancy We Offer A Range Of Different Treatments To Combat These.


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