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Radio Frequency skin tightening can reduce your signs of aging 

Still got it? 

Course you do Then why does your face not feel the same way? 

When you look in the mirror, do you see the joy and experience of life, or the lines and wrinkles of aging? 


The brain is by far the most complex thing in the universe making hundreds of thousands of decisions every second of every day. Every one of them to strive, stay alive and take flight. Sometimes the rest of your body needs just a little help to keep up with all the magic going on in your head. 


For a long time, we were resigned to the fact that as we aged, our bodies wore out and could not keep up. 


Not any more. 

Now there is a simple, non-invasive, non-surgical solution which will roll back the aging process and make you look younger again. As young outside as you still feel inside. So why shouldn’t you take it!? Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment wakes up your skin, giving it the chance to work with the same animation and energy as when things were tight, smooth, and toned. And the results are just as effective.

As young outside as you still feel inside. So why shouldn’t you take it!? Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment wakes up your skin, giving it the chance to work with the same animation and energy as when things were tight, smooth, and toned. And the results are just as effective.

As young outside as you still feel inside. So why shouldn’t you take it!? Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment wakes up your skin, giving it the chance to work with the same animation and energy as when things were tight, smooth, and toned. And the results are just as effective.

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Getting old and wrinkly is inevitable, isn’t it?


 Contrary to what our kids repeatedly tell us, just because we are getting older does not mean we don’t feel young, act young and want to look young. Some lucky people seem blessed with naturally ‘good genes’ which defy the aging process. But most of us are resigned to the inevitability that, like death and taxes, wrinkles and lines will come to us all sooner or later. Sadly, this is backed up by science – around the age of 35 we start to see our skin condition change. It will no longer spring quickly back in to place, like it once did, and creases which we used to only see when we smiled or frowned, now stay there forever, criss-crossing over our once smooth face. Also high exposure to UV light, most commonly seen in the form of direct sunlight and sunbeds causes a breakdown of collagen fibres and it is this which leads to the ‘sun damaged’ wrinkling we see on the skin of so many sun worshippers. But we can do things to turn that sooner, into later or even much later, if we are smart and well informed.


Times have changed, and so can your skin 


Whereas those in the Movies resort to magic, witchcraft, or a pact with the devil to achieve their beauty goals, these avenues are not necessary to us. Skin and beauty Technology has developed so much that we can say with certainty, that we CAN defy the aging process. There are now several non-invasive treatments available which are clinically proven to improve body contouring and fat reduction, as well as the signs of aging, namely wrinkling, sagging, lines and puffiness. Today we are going to talk about the excellent proven results which can be achieved by Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment, but other methods, such as fat freezing and cavitation also offer great value and really positive results. 


Our body tells our story, an unforgettable but not unchangeable one 


Whether its pregnancy, weight loss or just plain getting old, there are places on our body where the signs of a life well lived just won’t go away, however much we would like them to. It might be crease lines round the mouth or eyes, wrinkles on the forehead or stretching on the belly. Inevitably, things just don’t quite look the same as they did 5 years ago. What our body goes through, especially as women cannot be underestimated or airbrushed out like an Instagram picture – it is with us, written into our software forever - in our heads and in our hearts. But it shouldn’t and can’t stop us from updating, rejuvenating, and improving the hardware to run better, to be the best we can be. Now you needn’t settle for a look you aren’t happy with.  


Fat Freezing

What is Radio Frequency Skin Tightening?

It sounds a bit industrial, but don’t be misled by the name. RF skin tightening utilises well established and extremely safe technology to help activate the youth-enhancing attributes of your skin. Radio wave transmitters are passed over the skin to induce a thermic reaction in the dermis layer of the skin. The frequency of the waves is set specifically to target this and only this layer, so no damage is caused to the surface of your skin. The localised heat targets two key proteins in the skin, Collagen and Elastin and the effect is twofold – activating relaxed collagen and elastin fibres whilst stimulating the production of more. 


Collagen and Elastin are your skin-tightening friends 


You might be aware of collagen in cosmetic treatments but elastin, although less well-known, is just as vital in maintaining youthful skin tone. Collagen makes up between 25-35% of the body’s entire protein component and is essential for natural wound healing and tissue regeneration. It, along with elastin and soft keratin are responsible for skin strength and elasticity. Elastin allows skin to regain its natural shape after stretching, contracting, or pinching. Without them, the skin will sag rather than snap back, soften rather than smoothen. As you can probably guess, as you age you naturally produce less and less of these proteins. So RF skin tightening kick starts the body to get production levels back to that of your 20-year-old self – the rest is all down to you.  


Cavitation treatment

Radio Frequency skin tightening treatment is fast and painless

As a non-invasive cosmetic treatment RF skin tightening really is one of the simplest and stress-free experiences you can have. The entire procedure will not exceed one hour, but often will last only between 20-45 minutes. Afterwards you to go straight back to your normal activities. The machines used will pass an electrode over the skin to heat the dermis layer to between 50-75°C (122-167° F). Studies have shown that if you do this for in excess of just 3 minutes, then an increase of collagen fibroplasia (fibre production) will occur as a direct result.


After treatment is concluded, it is suggested you avoid exposure to sun, including sunbeds and drink plenty of water. The procedure has been described as minimally invasive with reports of either no, or very low pain sensations. Studies have indicated that it is 96% effective. 


 Where areas of the body are suitable for RF skin tightening?


 Because this procedure is minimally invasive and quite simple to achieve, the opportunities for RF treatment across the body are numerous. However, you must be aware that it will result in fine detail improvement rather than dramatic change to your body shape and therefore is most noticeable and successful in the face and neck. Although it can be used to attack skin sagging, it will make little difference if you have excess skin from dramatic weight loss. Used in conjunction with other treatments for these situations is much more effective. Areas which are indicated for successful treatment are the forehead, eyebrows, cheek, smile and laugh lines (also known as crows feet), neck, arms, inner and outer thighs, knees and buttocks.



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Who is and who isn’t suitable for treatment?


Due to the nature of the technology, RF is suitable for all skin tones. The radio waves only penetrate the lower skin layer and will cause no permanent damage to the epidermis (surface skin) layer. RF skin tightening is not suitable for those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, those with pacemakers or defibrillators or those with facial implants. As the intention of the treatment is to generate heat, it is not advised for those with Rosacea, as it could cause further inflammation and redness, or those with broken blood vessels (known as spider veins) as it could exacerbate the condition. 

Possible but very rare side effects infection, numbness in the area treated, skin necrosis, dimpling, , scarring, discoloration, lumpiness, sagging of the skin.

Are radio waves safe?

Radio Frequency treatment uses concentrated low frequency radiation waves to target the tightness and elasticity of your skin, turning it from soft and flabby to firm, tight and smooth. Whilst it might sound a little alarming to talk about radiation in relation to our skin, we are constantly exposed to radiation wherever we are– ‘radiation is the emission or transmission of energy in the form of waves or particles through space or through a material medium’. 


Simply put, radiation occurs both naturally and artificially in many processes all over the world. Some are dangerous and should be managed with care and limitations, like X-rays and gamma rays (used in nuclear reactors), but many occur at such low levels that they will pose little or no risk to humans. The radiation produced in this treatment releases 1 billion times less energy than in X-rays and 100 million times ‘slower’ than natural light. 


The WiFi signal which rules your life uses a form of radiation, as does Microwaves, listening to the radio (unsurprisingly) and anything with Bluetooth. The radio frequencies used in the treatment of skin tightening use even lower frequency, less powerful radiation than any of these. In fact they use just enough to generate heat under the skin and encourage the positive changes we want in our skin.


 How many treatments?


Although highly effective, this procedure does not result in immediate ‘quick fixes. It takes time and habit to encourage the fibres to regenerate and contract and so regular repeated sessions are advised. Professionals report no real improvement from just one session. 6-12 sessions in total are commonly regarded as suitable for excellent results, ideally spaced 3 to 4 days apart. If you have weekly sessions, expect to notice changes after about a month.


How long do the results last?

For anything which is simply stimulating the bodies natural processes, there is unfortunately no permanent resolution, although you should see continued collagen/elastin production for about 2 years post treatment. There is no reason why treatment cycles cannot to be repeated though, if you feel you need another helping hand.



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3D Lipo London is delighted to announce that 3D-lipo, the revolutionary treatment that successfully targets fat by method of fat freezing – cryolipolysis and also cavitation, skin tightening by HIFU and also Radio Frequency, is now available. 3D-lipo is an amazing alternative to liposuction offering a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both the face and body. The treatment is pain free with instant results and no down time – a HUGE hit with celebrities who choose the non- surgical 3D- lipo rather than go under the knife. 

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