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Spoiler alert i have tried:

- Dieting

- Fat freezing

- Excersie


Which road to go down for weight loss it can be confusing sometimes and also frustrating, dieting, fat freezing, excersise, there are so many options now a days and many diets and forms of loosing weight there always seems to be a new diet that promises miracles and it starts to feel more like a fashion trend once one diet has become old or there is no longer much interest in it anymore a new one will pop up making the same promises as the last one, i had heard great things about fat freezing but we will go in to later on.


I used to be a quite a slim person not overly active but never really had a problem with weight but after choosing to have children and probably age cathing up with me pushing 40 now things are just not the same as when you are in your 20's , everything seems much harder to achive, you feel tired more often dealing with daily life and responsobilities and trying to get fit between work, kids and just life in general can seem impossible sometimes, im sure that i am not the only one who feels like this and many readers can proably relate to this in your 20's it feels like you have all the time in the world but we dont realise we can take this for granted sometimes as we dont realise that life can get much harder with more responsobility.

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So i decided to try and put some time in between my hectic lifestyle but where would i find the time then i remember reading a article a while back about people who have a 5am start to get up really early before the kids and the rest of the family to have a solid 2 hours for yourself before the day begins with peace and quiet and no distractions, because lets be honest once the kids are up there is no more (you time), i was already feeling tired but i would give it a go.

I tried the 5am start and it worked for me i started this routine and i was getting my excescise in daily without any distractions in the beginning i will admit it was different and a bit of a shock in terms of feeling tired as my body was not used to it but after a few weeks sticking with this routine my body started to adapt and i no longer dredded getting up at 5am but rather enjoed it and in a strange way looked forward to that me time.

Fat Freezing Treatment 

I felt great after doing this routine for a few weeks i already felt more postive and happier just a better mood overall and ofcourse losing weight well i could not see the weight really changing much very a very small amount i guess i had to work out for longer as i heard that 45mins is a minimum to be sweating doing cardio to really start the fat burning process, oh and for those of you who may be wondering is my trusty old excersise bike that i use but i guess its what ever you prefer as long as you are sweating for at least 45mins.

After a few months i progressed my morning workout up to 1hr 30mins and was feeling great but not seeing amazing results and i read somwhere that i needed to be in calorie deficient, which means i would have to be counting my calorie intake and dieting so i sat down that evening and done some reading on dieting tying to avoid the fashion style diets that are here today and gone tomorrow, i just wanted some good old fashioned dieting that had been around for years.

So i came across a soup diet where you can just have a bowl of soup twice per day i chose to have soup for breakfast and lunch and for dinner i would have something like plain chicken breat and salad NO DRESSING or plain fish and salad, with in a few weeks with dieting and excercise the results were great i was losing weight quite rapidly and was very pleased with the results, its funny because people but in to diet pills etc or having food delivered to their home thats for dieting, they pay other people when the diet is very simple, if you wanted to be extreme with the soup diet you could drink soup and only soup for 1 month and see the key is being concistent and not giving up, dont give in to temptation, its really not that hard i guess we can just be lazy somtimes or not have the determination to stay on a diet, i mean come on people made it through tougher times, war and rations etc, this is a walk in the park.

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In London there are many Fat freezing clinics to choose from the choice is limitless as London is so big so how do you choose a clinic that is credible and right for you, firstly location if you are willing to travel anywhere in London then I would personally opt for clinics with experience and great Google reviews, also what type of equipment they use for example we use 3d Lipo technology which is a trusted brand, these are just a few things to look for.

So the day of my first fat freezing treatment came around i was eagarly waiting for this day as i wanted to look even better and lose more fat, i turned up and a nice lady greeted me and showed me down to the waiting area where i was given a form to complete with my details and informing me about the treatment and if i had any medical issues i may have to seek medical advice first from a doctor, but fortunatley i have no issues so i could go ahead with the treatment, i was shown to a room where i had to remove my t-shirt as i had chosen to go for the belly area for my treatment.

Next i was told to lie down and the lady doing the fat freezing treatment explained that a membraine would be placed in the area that i wanted to lose fat in, it was cold but that was fine, next she explained that a head from the machine would be placed on top of the membraine and switched on once turned on a vaccum would start and suck up the area in to the head which has a cooling plate either side to freeze the area, this would be left on for about 50mins.

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It is a very cold sensation you get when its on but that goes away after a couple of minutes and you cannot really feel anything in the area for the rest of the treatment, it was not a bad experience and after the time is up the head was removed and then the area was massaged for a few minutes to bring the blood back in to the area, it was really cold to the touch when i felt the area.

All in all i also lost fat from the fat freezing treatments so i can say they do work i was very please, i lost a good few inches around my waist, this got rid of the last bits of stubborn fat on my belly.

Its been a great experience for me and i will keep it up as i feel great, now its time to start on your journey.   





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3D Lipo London is delighted to announce that 3D-lipo, the revolutionary treatment that successfully targets fat by method of fat freezing – cryolipolysis and also cavitation, skin tightening by HIFU and also Radio Frequency, is now available. 3D-lipo is an amazing alternative to liposuction offering a powerful new dimension in non-surgical fat removal, the treatment of cellulite and skin tightening for both the face and body. The treatment is pain free with instant results and no down time – a HUGE hit with celebrities who choose the non- surgical 3D- lipo rather than go under the knife. 

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